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AS9120 is a new sector-specific standard for the aerospace industry. It was specifically designed for aerospace suppliers known as “stockist distributors” or “pass-through distributors” to the aerospace OEM’s. These are companies that resell, warehouse and distribute parts for aircraft manufacturers – that is, businesses that only accumulate and distribute parts and materials rather than add value or work on the products themselves. Such parts typically include fasteners, raw materials, or aircraft components. The latter may include cabin components, electronic units for cockpits, or airframe assemblies.

AS9120 is intended to replace SAE standard AS7103, which is currently listed in the FAA’s Advisory Circulator 00-56, Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program. While AS9100 includes ISO 9001:2000 in its entirety, AS9120 does not. It excludes the following ISO 9001:2000 clauses:

  • 7.1 Planning of Product Realization
  • 7.3 Design and Development
  • 7.5.2 Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision

PJR is accredited by ANAB to certify companies to the new AS9120 standard, and is one of the first registrars to achieve this accreditation.